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​Three Effective Head Lice Prevention Strategies

Is there a proven method of preventing head lice? Apparently, there isn’t any guaranteed method, but there are effective strategies to reduce the chances of having to deal with a head lice infestation.

No matter where you go, you risk getting exposed to head lice if you are not careful. However, some places are more likely to expose your family to head lice. Here are three of the main high-risk venues to be aware of and how to reduce the risk of infestations:

Lice Prevention All Year Round

  • 1) Nursery schools and elementary schools.

Lice love close encounters. They love crawling from head to head as little kids play together. They love hiding in hats, backpacks, hair brushes, scrunchies and scarves….the kinds of items that are shared by little kids or get mixed in together in cubbies and school coat rooms. Make sure you check your kids’ heads daily for nits or bugs and use an all-natural, non-toxic lice prevention spray like LTC’s Daily Repellent Conditioner.

  • 2) Movie and train or plane seats: Lice can live off a host for a couple of days so be careful where you rest your head as you travel lest the previous movie goer or passenger has left you a few of the little pesky creatures or their eggs on the head rest! To prevent head lice in those kinds of places, take a 2oz bottle of LTC’s Fabric and Upholstery Spray handy with you and use it liberally.
  • 3) Summer Camps

Summer camps are notorious for being likely venues for head lice who often arrive on the heads of incoming campers. If campers are not checked for lice when they arrive at camp, entire camp populations are at risk of getting head lice. Particularly vulnerable are kids who share bunks or cabins with campers who come from countries where lice are much more prevalent than in the US. LTC’s Daily Repellent Conditioner and Fabric & Upholstery Spray should be available to camp populations. If your kids’ camp doesn’t provide it, be sure and include them with their camp gear.

So, what are the best strategies for preventing head lice? Be vigilant and

make sure to use LTC’s repellent products regularly. For more information visit