Lice Technician On-Site Certification



Why the LTC Lice Technician On-Site Certification?

Completing one of our certification programs will give you a distinct competitive advantage over others seeking to enter the lice treatment industry. The best, most respected lice removal companies employ only well-trained professionals. Our goal is to help you build successful lice removal skills.  After successfully completing your certification, you will be qualified to pursue a lucrative career in the lice treatment industry. All certified trainees also have the opportunity to purchase an LTC Franchise territory at a reduced fee.

Lice Treatment Center is the only lice removal business in the nation that offers four tiers of service:

  • In-home and on-site lice removal
  • All-natural head lice treatment and prevention products
  • Institutional screening and removal services
  • Professional training and certification program

Our products are formulated with all-natural, non-toxic and organic ingredients. LTC product line is comprised of lice treatment and prevention products: a treatment shampoo, conditioner, olive oil treatment and a stainless steel long-toothed professional quality metal lice comb. LTC prevention (daily-use) products include a prevention shampoo, conditioner and leave-in hair tonic. In addition to the lice treatment products we market environment products including our Fabric and Upholstery Spray and Helmet Spray. All treatment and prevention products, in their iconic blue bottle are sold online and in pharmacies nationwide. 

This course is a complete two-day rigorous program at LTC headquarters and training facility in Monroe, Connecticut (Approximately 50 miles from New York City).  Our 3,200 sq. ft. training facility is equipped with top of the line materials used in the successful training and removal of head lice. 

Certification Course Includes

  • Extensive 2-day training
  • (Thursday & Friday 9am-6pm)
  • Up to 12 hrs. hands on lice detection, treatment protocol and removal techniques 
  • LTC® systematic method of lice removal 
  • Small class sizes for focused attention on each trainee
  • Lab time to observe lice up close
  • Facts of lice presentation
  • LTC® branded products overview
  • Business development discussions
  • Take home training manual
  • Lice treatment and prevention products at wholesale price for use in treating or to sell to in-home
  • 6 hours a month of LTC technician support for 1 year to help with client or business related questions.
  • Start-up Kit ($250 value)

2 Treatment Kits (Treatment Shampoo, Treatment Conditioner, Oil, Fabric-Upholstery Spray & Comb)

1 Prevention Kits (Daily Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, Leave-In-Tonic & Fabric-Upholstery Spray)


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