Camp Lice Insurance™

What's a Camp Lice Insurance™ Program?

Because lice infestations at summer camps are so common, the American Camp Association (ACA) suggests that camp administrators and leaders establish “a lice control policy” prior to camp opening.

Signing up for LTC’s Camp Lice Insurance Program is one way to address this issue. For the cost of what most parents spend on shampoo for their children's camp stay, you can protect your campers and staffers against a lice invasion. Our goal is to become your partner in taking a proactive approach against troubling lice infestations.

LTC’s Camp Lice Insurance Program provides the following services:

  • Lice head checks on opening day of camp.
  • Pre-negotiated, flat-rate lice treatments for campers arriving on opening day with lice, using our pediatrician-formulated, natural, non-toxic ingredients Jolis Cheveux lice treatment products.
  • Provision of a full summer's supply of our Jolis Cheveux Preventive Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Outgoing head checks during final week of camp to ensure campers return home lice free.
  • Provision of LTC product and informational brochures to send home to families.