Savannah, GA


Put a Stop to Head Lice, Savannah!

LTC® Savannah delivers 24/7 head lice treatment services as a franchise of Lice Treatment Center® (LTC®)

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If you live in Savannah or anywhere in or near Chatham County, Georgia, you now have access to the nation’s best weapon, LTC® Savannah, for fighting one of the world’s most obnoxious predators: head lice or pediculosis.

lice-treatment.jpgLTC® Savannah offers on-site treatments (in homes, schools, camps) – anywhere lice live and thrive. We understand the trauma of having a lice infestation and act empathetically and reassuringly to screen and treat children and adults for lice. We also provide parents with a treatment plan that involves information about head lice removal and what products should be applied.

What LTC® Savannah Provides:

  • Safe, effective head lice removal products (Jolis Cheveux by LTC™)
  • On-site lice removal services in homes, schools, camps or anywhere lice live and thrive.

Head Lice Symptoms:

  • An increase in itching or a tickly feeling in hair or on the scalp;
  • Presence of red sores on scalp, particularly behind the ears and at the nape of neck;
  • Appearance of LIVE LICE in the hair or nits (lice eggs) attached to hair shafts. Unless there is a severe infestation you may not see live bugs, because they move quickly and hide among the hair shafts.

Our Leadership and LTC® Support

LTC® Savannah’s chief technician Valerie Anderson and her associates have undergone the rigorous technician certification training offered through Lice Treatment Center’s Lice Academy™. As an LTC franchise, we can apply LTC’s proven treatment methods and all- natural products, which have been developed and tested for efficacy since 2005. This company’s lice treatment processes and products have been successfully applied to more than 100,000 families as well as hundreds of school and camp administrators across the nation.

Click here to review steps used by LTC® Savannah technicians.

Call LTC® Savannah at 888-542-3292 any time of day or night to stop a lice infestation.

* LTC® Savannah is owned by Charles Bruce of Pooler, Georgia.