Chicago, IL

Lice Treatment & Lice Removal in Chicago

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The Lice Treatment Center® serves the Chicago, Illinois, and suburban area, providing 24/7 head lice treatment and head lice removal and an effective line of natural, head lice prevention and removal products. LTC-certified technicians are on-call literally around-the-clock to perform screenings and/or professional lice and nit (lice egg) removal in homes, at schools, in camps, and other venues.

The primary question is: How do you treat lice? Lice Treatment Center has established a powerful removal protocol – a virtual cure for lice – using lice hair products, such as lice shampoo, and various other natural lice treatments. These are effective for head lice removal and ongoing head lice treatment and prevention. The products out-perform at-home lice treatment remedies (such as the olive oil head lice treatment) and prescription lice treatments that families often apply. Some modern-day scientists worry that lice removal products that contain insecticides may be harming our children. So how do you naturally get rid of lice? LTC has addressed this issue by developing head lice products that are non-toxic – minus insecticides – yet highly effective. 

In recent years, lice mutations have emerged that are genetically resistant to many current lice products. Our Jolis Cheveux™ by LTC products were formulated in-house by a pediatrician and are some of the best head lice treatments on the market. Lice Treatment Center also offers products that assist in deterring head lice, such as head lice fabric spray, which can be applied to furniture, fabrics, carpets, and clothing in the home. Notably, lice can’t live for more than 24 hours without a human host.