School + Camp Programs

A Proactive Approach to Avoiding Head Lice Infestations As a leader in the head lice removal industry, the Lice Treatment Center® understands that a head lice outbreak is a problem many institutions face at one time or another. LTC® developed its Lice Insurance™ service as a proactive approach to stopping head lice infestations before they can start.

LTC’s medical director, Dr. Elin Cohn, developed a formal protocol as well as a line of all-natural, non-toxic products for its Lice Insurance™ programs and services. Institutions are encouraged to sign up for LTC's Lice Insurance™ programs that provide periodic head checks conducted by LTC-trained lice technicians at scheduled times throughout the year. If an infestation is detected during a scheduled check, LTC® then provides lice treatment services to the affected families at discounted rates.

LTC’s Lice Insurance™ programs provide:

• Regularly scheduled head checks during the year

• Single (emergency) head checks as requested

• Educational seminars for institution staff and parents, covering lice detection, treatment, and prevention in both the classroom and at home

• Discounted LTC rates for families of contracted institutions

• Quick access to LTC technicians for home treatment