Lice Treatment Center® Services in Camps

Nothing can ruin a camp experience more quickly than an infestation of lice among campers. The American Camp Association (ACA), a national organization that works to preserve, promote and enhance quality camp experiences for children, reports that questions about lice are one of the most common calls they receive on their crisis hotline.

Because lice infestations at camps are so common, the ACA suggests that administrators and camp leaders establish “a lice control policy” prior to camp opening. They also assert: “Lice infestations need to be treated quickly.” 

LTC® On-Site Camp Treatments

Lice Treatment Center® understands the urgency of a camp infestation and has an entire team of LTC-trained technicians who can come to your location within hours of receiving a call. The technicians are trained to act sensitively and empathetically to the situation and will inspect campers, head-by-head, appropriately applying Lice Treatment Center® head lice removal products. The active ingredients in all LTC  treatment and prevention products are natural essential oil that are proven effective in treating head lice. 

LTC’s technicians follow a professional lice treatment protocol designed by our own Medical Director, Dr. Elin Cohen. The protocol includes the following steps:

  • Application of LTC’s all-natural, non-toxic and organic products to treat the infestation and facilitate removal of live lice and nits (lice eggs).
  • Separation of hair into small sections followed by use of a lice comb to inspect each hair strand and the scalp for live lice or their eggs (nits). The LTC technician then manually removes the bugs and nits strand by strand, using a special magnifier and light to ensure thorough removal. This meticulous combing procedure usually takes two to four hours, depending on the level of infestation.
  • Patients are left with Lice Treatment Center® Treatment Oil still on the scalp. The treatment oil kills any remaining live bugs (nits cannot be killed and must be physically removed from the hair).

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Camp Lice Insurance® Program

For camp administrators interested in being proactive in lice prevention, we also offer a Camp Lice Insurance® Program that has six steps, including on-site provision of opening-day and final-week lice checks to ensure campers arrive home lice-free.

Click here to find out more about LTC’s Camp Lice Insurance™ Program.

If your camp has a lice emergency, call (888) LICE-AWAY or 888.542-3292 for assistance.