School Lice Insurance™

Be Proactive Against Infestations

back-to-school-t.jpgAs a leader in the head lice removal industry, the Lice Treatment Center understands how traumatic lice infestations can be for children and their families. You can see how quickly an infestation occurs when you consider that just one adult female louse lays an average of 125 eggs. In just 10 days, the eggs hatch and grow into adult lice that also reproduce!

LTC developed School and Camp Lice Insurance™ Programs as a proactive approach to stopping hair lice infestations before they can start.

What's a School Lice Insurance™ Program?

Having a head lice outbreak in a classroom is one of the most dreaded occurrences that school teachers and administrators face. In most instances, infected students can’t return to their classrooms until they’re nit-free (nits are lice eggs), and parents often don’t know what to do or whom to call for help.

Even more troubling is the fact that lice infestations consume hours of staff time, taking teachers and administrators away from other more important school responsibilities.

Schools are encouraged to sign up for LTC's School Lice Insurance™ Program, which ensures lice-free classrooms through provision of periodic head checks. The checks are conducted by LTC-trained lice technicians at scheduled times throughout the year. From the opening of school in the fall to the last day in spring, students will be monitored to ensure they remain lice-free. If an infestation is detected, LTC then provides lice treatment services to the affected families at discounted rates.

The following are services provided through LTC’s School Lice Insurance™ program:

  • Regularly scheduled head checks during the school year
  • Single (emergency) head checks as requested
  • Educational seminars for school staff and parents, covering lice detection, treatment, and prevention in both the classroom and at home
  • Discounted LTC rates for families of contracted schools
  • Quick access to LTC technicians for home treatment

Click here to learn more about how LTC lice removal treatments are performed in schools.

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