How Do You Treat Head Lice?

When a head lice outbreak occurs in a home, family members often experience feelings of panic and even helplessness. The reality is that contracting lice is one of the most common problems families face when children are in the home. The insects easily crawl from one child to another – especially in school situations where head-to-head contact is common.

Our Lice Treatment Center® professionally trained technicians understand the trauma of having a lice infestation in the home and are here to help.

What Lice Treatment Center Provides

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Lice Treatment Pack

In-Home Lice Removal Services

If someone in your family has a lice infestation, we will send a professionally trained lice removal technician right to your home to provide on-site lice removal. You will also receive tips and instructions for head lice prevention.

Here’s What to Expect during an In-Home Lice Removal Session

  • Our trained technicians will arrive at your home within a few hours of your call – armed with all the tools necessary to solve your lice problems. Our technicians are experienced and will be courteous and empathetic.
  • We recommend that every person in the home or anyone who has had physical contact with the infested person be inspected for the presence of head lice or nits and be treated, if necessary. Our goal is to come into your home and get your family back to normal in the easiest, most cost-effective way possible.
  • The technicians will apply LTC’s safe, non-toxic and organic products to treat the infestation and to facilitate the removal of live lice and nits (lice eggs).
  • For each infested person, our technician will separate the hair into small sections and, using our special lice comb, inspect each hair strand and the scalp for live lice or their eggs (nits). The technician will then manually remove the bugs and nits strand by strand using a special magnifier and light to ensure thorough removal. This meticulous combing procedure usually takes from two to four hours, depending on the level of infestation.
  • Our technician will leave the infested person or persons with LTC Treatment Oil still on the scalp. The oil will kill any remaining live bugs (nits cannot be killed and must be physically removed from the hair).
  • Any remaining treatment shampoo will be left with you for future use.

Safe, Effective Head Lice Removal Products 

If you decide to tackle a lice infestation on your own, it’s important to act quickly using our Lice Treatment Center® home lice removal kit. All our products are natural and non-toxic with children in mind. Our products do not contain toxic chemicals, such as DEET or permethrin. The active ingredients of our removal and treatment products are natural essential oils that are proven to be effective in treating head lice.

Each Complete Lice Treatment Pack comes with the following hair lice products:

  • LTC® Treatment Shampoo
  • LTC® Treatment Conditioner
  • LTC® Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil
  • LTC® Fabric & Upholstery Spray
  • Professional nit removal comb

If you have questions contact us any time. We’re available around-the-clock to answer your home lice removal questions and to provide hands-on assistance.

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