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LTC Camp Lice Insurance™ Programs Ensure Lice Free Summers

Today we started planning for a busy summer running our Camp Lice Insurance™ program. LTC’s Lice Insurance™ programs provide camps with regularly scheduled, periodic head checks to make sure no one at the camp has head lice. Check sessions are usually scheduled for 3 or 4 head check sessions: opening day of camp, mid-Summer and prior to the end of the camp season before campers leave for home.

LTC's Summer Camp Services

So far, more than 60 camps have contracted with LTC for this Summer 2018 to make sure they have a lice-free camp season. LTC’s Camp Lice Insurance™ programs are designed to be proactive as well as reactive in identifying and treating head lice.

While at each camp conducting head-lice checks, the LTC team leaders also educate camp staff about the various stages in the life of head lice so they can remain vigilant all summer. LTC’s team leaders answer the most frequently asked questions about lice such as: What do lice eggs look like? What do nits look like? What do head lice look like? And most important, camp staff want to know how to get rid of lice.

The last question is the easiest. Because at camps that contract for our Camp Lice Insurance program, the technicians will immediately treat anyone found to have lice during a head-check session. However, if a camp offers multiple, short sessions in which groups of campers change throughout the summer and don’t contract for lice checks for each new camp session, the camp nurse should know how to screen late arriving campers or staff members. But, if they do find lice, they just have to call LTC and we will send an emergency team to get rid of lice on those infested.

Heads up, Parents. You should ask if your kids’ camps do professional head lice checks. The last thing kids, parents or camp administrators want is a lice outbreak. One case of undetected head lice can throw a wrench into entire camp experience. It only takes one case to spark a large infestation in a group living environment like a cabin or tent or sports team that shares helmets. The little pests are very tricky, can crawl quickly and love get up close and personal!