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Preventing Head Lice

Did you know that a head lice infestation is one of the most difficult problems you’ll face as a parent? I didn’t until it happened to me! Since then I read that in the United States, six to twelve million children get head lice each year. Yikes! So, I guess chances are at one time or another most kids will be exposed to the nasty little critters.

Unfortunately, two years ago I found out first-hand how hard it is to get rid of head lice. When my kids got sent home from lice I spent a frustrating week unsuccessfully trying to get rid of them on my own until I finally caved in and got professional help from Lice Treatment Center®. (1-888LICE AWAY/888 542-3292). That was the smartest thing I ever did. After their professional technician successfully treated my 8-year-old daughter and then checked the rest of us for lice and nits, she gave me a list of prevention tips…all of which I have followed religiously ever since. And, knock wood, so far we are still lice-free. 

Lice Prevention Products

Here’s a list of the tips I got for preventing lice. Many are just common sense but others are things I hadn’t thought of:

1. Check kids’ heads for lice and nits daily or at least at every bath-time.

2. Tell your kids not to borrow or share personal items like:

• combs & brushes

• hats

• scarves

• sports and bike helmet

3. Tell your kids not to share anyone’s sleeping bags or blankets at sleep overs or at camp.

4. Don’t let toddlers or little kid share dress-up clothing or stuffed animals.

5. Speak to your school about making sure children don’t share cubbies (if possible).

6. Tell teen-agers that some experts say “selfies” are now responsible for an increase in head lice infestations!

7. Use All-Natural, Non-toxic Lice Prevention Products daily like those made by Lice Treatment Center The LTC® brands are ‘pediatrician-formulated and tested safe for children. ®.