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What do lice look like and how big are they?

Here at the Lice Treatment Center, we field a lot of questions about lice. Most of the wonderful folks we talk to are first-timers when it comes to recognizing what lice are and how small they can really be. The first step in recognizing your issue is to know what exactly to look for. 

We've put together a couple of videos that should help you figure out whether you or your little ones have lice or not. Looking for lice is an activity that requires patience and a good eye. Grab yourself a magnifying glass (if you need one) and something that will help you leaf through hair (fine-toothed comb, cotton swab, ETC). Prep your area, get your subject settled down in front of you, and open these two brief videos to help you identify your tiny opponents.

Pretty tiny right? To the naked eye, lice are about the size of a sesame seed. The nits are even smaller! But do you ever wonder what a louse looks like up close? Here's a little video of one we captured not long ago.

Well, hopefully this gives you an idea what to look for. From far away to up close and personal, that's what this common pest looks like. Now all you have to do is find them on the scalp... and I won't lie, that's the trickiest part. If it were easy, LTC wouldn't be the premiere lice fighting crusaders they are today.

We have some other great resources on our site that might help out.

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That's it for now! Stay tuned though because in the next couple of weeks we're putting together a post about home remedy myths and facts.