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Do You Have an Action Plan For the Day You Get the Dreaded News: "Your kid has lice!"

You can never be prepared enough - I know we don't often talk about it but it can happen to all of us. And as moms, we need to have the action plan ready! I found out that Lice Treatment Center offers a great and very handy service.

Imagine if, like I did, you get the news from school that during a periodic lice check your child is diagnosed with head lice. You may panic. I did! But, I was lucky. My school's nurse suggested that I call Lice Treatment Center® to come to our house to treat my child. One of their lice technicians arrived within 2 hours. She checked everyone in the family and was professional, kind, calm, patient and efficient. She treated my child with the company’s own all natural products and left us with enough product to use for a week of post treatment aftercare.
They even offered a discount to treat school families. Best of all, the problem was quickly under control and we were lice free.
So, should it happen to you, call (888) LICE AWAY/ 888 543-3292. www.