LTC® Fabric & Upholstery Lice Repellent Spray

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Use as a general lice repel tool on such items as upholstery, clothing and backpacks; also highly recommended for use on surfaces in the first three days following a lice removal. The spray contains a unique combination of pleasingly fragrant, natural ingredients formulated to repel lice.

INGREDIENTS:  alcohol, distilled water, cinnamon oil, tea tree oil.

Reviews (3)

Great Products!!!

Written by Stacie Fallon on 27th Oct 2015

Love, Love, Love this product... I use it on my kids coats, backpacks, hats and gloves... Also I spray my car seats great for protection!!! If an outbreak somewhere I will spray my furniture at home as well... Great product to be cautious :)

Car seats and traveling

Written by Stacie Fallon on 18th Nov 2014

Awesome product I spray the car seats and the the couches and the bedding when we travel!!! Great for back packs and coats too!!!!!

Great for car pooling parents and grandparents

Written by Jane on 18th Nov 2014

This is great to keep your car lice-free. If you carpool a lot of kids spray this great-smelling product on your car upholstery. I need to get a travel size, too--then I wouldn't worry about those subway, movie theater, and airline seats!

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