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9 Things NOT to Give Out On Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, check out these tips for keeping the tricks to a minimum.

9.  Toilet Paper

Try Harmless Pranks Instead

Tricksters already have their own.

8.  Toothbrushes

A Better Way to Get Kids to Brush Right

Like serving Tofurkey on Thanksgiving.

7.  Raisins

Raisins are entertaining, too!

A box of dried rabbit poops will only make YOU feel good.

6.  Carrots

Are Carrots the New Junk Food?

Halloween is not a teachable moment — skip the nutrition lesson.

5.  Hard Candies

Ultimate Kids Candy Review

Only restaurants and Grandmas can give these out — and never on Halloween.

4. Pennies


Even the UNICEF kids don't want pennies -- cough up a Quarter.

3.  Candy Circus Peanuts

Watch Dumbo

Styrofoam peanuts have more flavor — and biodegrade quicker.

2.  Candy Canes

How It's Made: Candy Canes

Even IF you bought them for THIS Christmas — yeah, right -- these stripes on Halloween are a no go.

1.  Lice

Lice: Coming soon to a scalp near you

On board hats, wigs, costumes, and masks, it’s no trick how these little blood sucking creatures travel from one house to the next.

Treat your family to a great Halloween with these all natural and organic lice treatment and prevention products from Lice Treatment Center.

lice prevention product

Use promo code LTCBUZZ and save an extra 15%.

Lice Treatment Center.  Making lice -- and Halloween -- a little less scary.