What Do Head Lice Look Like?

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  • Head Lice Eggs or Nits
    • Lice eggs are light-colored when first laid (yellowish or gray), but darken to a tan or coffee color as the embryo develop.
    • Once the egg hatches, the shell of the nit will be yellowish-white to transparent and the empty shells remain attached to the hair shaft.What Do Head Lice Look Like?
    • They can easily be taken for dandruff, or even hair product residue. Nits measure 0.8 millimeter length and 0.3 millimeter wide
  • Where can you find lice eggs?
    • They are usually located behind the ears and in the neck area. Female lice prefer to lay their eggs there because incubation is easier due to the higher temperature and the humidity.
    • Lice eggs will be located on hair shafts usually within 0.6 centimeter of the scalp.
    • Live nits that are close to the scalp should be removed immediately.

If they are further away from the scalp the chances are they have already hatched.

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