How to Get Rid of Lice Naturally

Natural, non-toxic ingredients, Safe, & Effective

The Lice Treatment Center® (LTC) offers professional treatment and prevention services and a well-tested line of natural, non-toxic products formulated by Dr. Elin Cohen, a practicing pediatrician and LTC’s medical director. The products are sold under the Jolis Cheveux™ by LTC® and Lice Insurance® brands of natural, non-toxic treatment and prevention products. Our services are currently used by families, schools, and camps across the nation.

LTC’s professional technicians are trained in a lice treatment protocol designed by Dr. Cohen. Their meticulous inspection, treatment and nit picking process, instructions to families in essential follow-up procedures, and proper treatment of home environments ensure effective outcomes.

Our Lice Insurance® screening programs in schools and camps are highly successful, with all sites currently under annual contracts. The programs involve conducting regular lice checks and the use of prevention products to ensure campers and students remain lice-free. Schools using the Lice Insurance® program report that every student who undergoes the periodic, head-check sessions remains lice-free until the end of the school year. The lice inspections ensure the insects aren’t being carried back into school following seasonal breaks and vacations.

Most “emergency” calls received at LTC come from parents of children at schools and camps that aren’t participating in our lice-screening program.

Our natural, non-toxic ingredients Jolis Cheveux™ by LTC® products can be purchased online and are also available at select pharmacies and salons across the United States. 

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For information about LTC’s natural, non-toxic ingredients way to treat and prevent head lice, call 1-888-LICEAWAY or 888.542-3292.