Lice Detection Online Certification

Why the Lice Detection Online Certification Program?

Are you part of a School community? Do you know how to detect head lice in your facility? Become the AUTHORITY on screening and treatment of head lice in your community. 

This training course includes virtual hands on lice detection experience, step-by-step methodology, class/lab teaching time and our new screening protocols that comply with CDC safety practices required during the current pandemic.

Who can benefit from this course: 

  • Daycare Centers
  • Elderly Facilites
  • Public and Private Primary Schools
  • Summer Camp Programs
  • Sports Centers
  • Aftercare programs
  • Youth Groups
  • Adult and Children Programs 

This Course Includes: 

  • LTC® systematic method of lice screening
  • Covid-19 protocols and practices
  • Facts of lice presentation
  • Up to date review of various lice treatment options
  • How-to on communication with your constituents and guiding your families throughout this emotional issue
  • Professional completion certificate
  • Set up kits available at wholesale cost
  • Access to 24-hr helpline to assist with lice related issues


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