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So, our HQ staff had a great time on Monday, January 29th celebrating three LTC anniversaries with a group of our locally-based technicians.

Our co-founders Liz Solovay, Dr. Elin Cohen and Adrian Picheny hosted a party to celebrate the founding of our highly-successful mobile in-home lice removal treatment service, the start of the Lice Insurance Program for Camps and Schools and the opening of the second LTC drop-in center in Darien, CT. As Liz said, “We are so proud to tell everyone that, to date, that we— that is YOU— have successfully treated and/or screened more than 250,000 families for head-lice. Quite a record. I thank you and so do all those families!”

Celebrating Another Year of Lice Prevention and Treatment

LTC‘s mobile service now provides in-home and on-site lice removal treatments for families in more than 18 states—from Georgia and the Mid-Atlantic states to California, Illinois and throughout the North East and New England. Our professional technicians are LTC certified in the proprietary protocols designed by our medical director, Dr. Cohen. Additionally, the all-natural, non-toxic lice removal products we use to get rid of head lice were formulated and tested by Dr. Cohen. As Liz said, “We at LTC don’t rely on “gimmicky” lice vacuums and irritating and often toxic products to get rid of lice. In fact, some companies advertise the use of a vacuum gadget called the AirAllé® (formerly LouseBuster) as a one-time treatment. It’s not. What they don’t tell you is that to get rid of all lice eggs and nits you will still have to remove them by hand after an AirAllé®treatment. On the other hand, our procedure is not only better, it’s shorter because you all are so good and fast at carefully removing live bugs and nits manually that aftercare is minimized. Bottom-line, LTC techs are amazingly effective in getting rid of head lice!!!”

Liz especially congratulated the LTC’s teams of mobile technicians who conduct the scores of School and Camp Lice Insurance™ programs we run year-round. Our Lice Insurance™ teams travel throughout the Northeast year-round conducting periodic head check sessions designed to keep, students, campers and staff lice-free during school terms and camp seasons. During those sessions they show staff what head lice look like and what nits look like. Most important though, if they discover a lice infestation during a lice check session, technicians are on-hand to perform lice removal treatments immediately,

One of our client families sent an email thanking us for sparing everyone at home a full-blown all-family infestation. “If my 8 year-old hadn’t been screened at school and sent home for you to treat, I am sure everyone in the family would have had lice. So, thank you so much. I am going to be a much more vigilant “lice police” from now on!!!”

Toasting all the technicians with “all-natural” prosecco, Liz said: “I get lots of email, phone calls and texts from grateful clients you all have helped. I am so proud of how professional, considerate and successful you are. So, thanks to everyone!”

For more information about Lice Treatment Center® and its services, visit or call (888) LICE AWAY/(888)542-3292

What Do Head Lice Look Like?

Head Lice Eggs or Nits Lice eggs are light-colored when first laid (yellowish or gray), but darken to a tan or coffee color as the embryo develop.Once the egg hatches, the shell of the nit will be yellowish-white to transparent and the empty shells remain attached to the hair shaft.They can easily be taken for dandruff, or even hair product residue. [...]

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Poor Heidi Klum! Yes, you heard me right. Heidi Klum, supermodel, fashion icon, QUEEN of Halloween, and all around perky, German style icon just confessed that she and her kids recently had lice. And she did it on a talk show with millions of people watching. Bravo! I said “poor Heidi” not because her family had lice, but that might [...]

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Head Lice ~ In Case You Were Wondering (Q&A)

Q. When did head lice start to bug the human race?A. Head lice have been around as long as man has. Q. Where do lice come from?A. Head lice come from other head lice. They hatch from eggs (nits) laid by adult female head lice. Q. What are head lice and what do they look like?A. Head lice are six legged, wingless [...]

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Battling “Super Lice” Naturally

Ever wonder why head lice outbreaks seem to occur more frequently? It’s because the insects have evolved into “super lice” that are genetically resistant to ingredients in many anti-lice products. That’s what came from a recent study presented (August 2015) at the 250th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The study found that more than 95% [...]

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