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Shock, Awe and Survival. . . Letters from School

Hi there! I'm Hillary, your go-to mom for info, and maybe a little entertainment, here at Lice Treatment Center. As a mother of three darlings, ages 8, 7 and 3, I have been privy to "the letter". Yes, a month ago I got the dreaded letter that accompanied my daughter home, lurking in her backpack, until it could [...]

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What do lice look like and how big are they?

Here at the Lice Treatment Center, we field a lot of questions about lice. Most of the wonderful folks we talk to are first-timers when it comes to recognizing what lice are and how small they can really be. The first step in recognizing your issue is to know what exactly to look for. We've put together [...]

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Lice History: Part 1: The Ancient Hitchhiker

The history of head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) is one that reaches back as far as our own. That’s right, head lice are an ancient pest that have just sort of always been here. And not only have they always been here, but they have evolved right alongside of mankind, further proving that these little [...]

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Lice History: Introduction

Since I’ve started working for the Lice Treatment Center, on several occasions, I’ve been asked about where lice come from. As in “where are they found before they get onto someone’s head?” And it’s a great question. Like most other pests, you would think that head lice would hide in a natural or uncleanly [...]

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The Lice Treatment Center® in Monroe CT looks to bring its Social Media to the next level.

MONROE, Conn. -- Tucked away amidst the pretty landscapes of Monroe, Connecticut, there lies a force with which to be reckoned. The would-be reckoners: a pest that has ridden into the present day on the scalps of mankind for thousands of years.The force: The Lice Treatment Center®.The company was initially formed by two mothers; one [...]

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Daycare Centers Beware: Watch for Head Lice During Yuletide

With holiday gatherings (familial and otherwise) in full force, the chance of head lice surfacing in daycare centers and afterschool programs is also more likely.With colder weather, children are playing more indoors (head-to-head) – and also tending to pile hats and scarves together. In addition, scientists report that head lice are becoming more and more resistant to many over-the-counter and prescription [...]

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Connecticut-based Lice Treatment Center to Conduct Lice Technician Certification Training January 10-11, 2015

Connecticut-based Lice Treatment Center For Lice Training MONROE, Conn. – The Lice Treatment Center LLC, the nation’s leading lice removal company, is offering another round of its highly praised Lice Technician Certification training for individuals [...]

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Family Pets and Head Lice: What’s the Deal?

Meet Buck, family pet of LTC president Liz Solovay – and a familiar presence at Lice Treatment Center, based in Monroe, Connecticut. A bred of retriever known as a duck toller, Buck often entertains kids and generally lifts morale at the center while irksome creepy crawlies are being eliminated. But won’t poor Buck get head lice, too? “Not a chance,” [...]

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Connecticut-based Lice Treatment Center Launches New Website in Preparation for 10-year Anniversary

MONROE, Conn. – The Lice Treatment Center LLC, the leading national lice removal company, has launched a new website – – that details LTC’s four-tiers of services; provides online purchasing of LTC’s own line of non-toxic products; and offers consumer information about lice infestations and removal. “We have revamped our website in recognition of milestones we’ve reached – which includes our [...]

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Don’t Let School Time Turn Into “Lice Season”

With the school year already underway, beware that invasions of head lice could soon follow. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that an estimated 6 million to 12 million head lice infestations occur annually in our country among children ages three to 11 years. When an infestation is suspected, a “No Nit Policy” is sometimes enforced, which means [...]

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