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​A Case for Lice Inspection

Hi,I just had a long conversation with my niece about the recent lice infestations in her family. Knowing I had to deal with lice over the years, she asked for my advice when her kids got sent home from school because the school nurse found nits. She was anxious to tell me her lice story.And yes, she said it [...]

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A Real "Lousy" Lice Nit Experience

Did you read about the family that got kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because the attendant said their daughter had head lice? That must have been a nightmare.The father of that Chicago family said when they were waiting to board their flight to Disneyland in Chicago, his wife spotted some dry skin in one of their daughter's hair. [...]

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My Child has Lice...Now how to get rid of lice?

Have you ever gotten that dreaded call from your kids’ school saying: “Your child has head lice”? Well, I did. And I will never forget the day the school nurse called to tell me that my 7- year-old son was being sent home because he had head lice. It was very embarrassing for him and [...]

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Does Your School Offer Post Vacation Lice Checks?

Lice Treatment Center's staff encourages parents and teachers to have their schools conduct post-holiday or post-vacation lice screenings.It is quite common for families to become exposed to head lice when mixing with crowds at theme parks, using public transportation or even attending neighborhood slumber parties. So,careful head lice screenings may be able to prevent the spread of head lice after [...]

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​It's Summer Time, Beware of Super Lice

When WTNH New Haven, CT heard about the potential increase in the spread of “super lice” during the summer season, the News 8 staff contacted Lice Treatment Center® HQ staff in Monroe, CT for an on-air feature.  According to the WTNH News 8 report, experts are warning about what’s known as “super lice” – bugs [...]

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Do You Have an Action Plan For the Day You Get the Dreaded News: "Your kid has lice!"

You can never be prepared enough - I know we don't often talk about it but it can happen to all of us. And as moms, we need to have the action plan ready! I found out that Lice Treatment Center offers a great and very handy service.Imagine if, like I did, you get the news from school that [...]

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Be Sure to Prepare Your Kids for School Lice Checks

Chances are that one day in the not-too-distant future, you could get an email from your children's school informing you that there is going to be a school-wide lice check. This is good news. It means that your school administration or PTSA cares enough to make sure that there will not be a lice outbreak [...]

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Schools and Daycare Centers Beware: Watch for Head Lice During the Holidays

When holiday gatherings (familial and otherwise) are fully underway, the chance of head lice surfacing in schools, day care centers and after school programs is also more likely.With colder weather arriving, children are playing more indoors (head-to-head) – and also tending to pile hats and scarves together. In addition, scientists report outbreaks of “super lice” that are resistant to many [...]

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Stop the Stigma! Spread the Word!

Poor Heidi Klum! Yes, you heard me right. Heidi Klum, supermodel, fashion icon, QUEEN of Halloween, and all around perky, German style icon just confessed that she and her kids recently had lice. And she did it on a talk show with millions of people watching. Bravo!I said “poor Heidi” not because her family had lice, but that might [...]

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Head Lice ~ In Case You Were Wondering (Q&A)

Q. When did head lice start to bug the human race?A. Head lice have been around as long as man has. Q. Where do lice come from?A. Head lice come from other head lice. They hatch from eggs (nits) laid by adult female head lice. Q. What are head lice and what do they look like?A. Head lice are six legged, wingless [...]

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