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How Do You Get Head Lice?

Lots of parents complain that their kids became infested with head lice after attending a crowded rock concert or slumber party. I hate to tell them that one of the more recent causes seems to involve their kids’ smart phones. Young people often crowd together head-to-head to take that funny selfie to post on Instagram, Twitter or some other social media. So, believe it or not, taking selfies is a high-risk activity for getting head lice. In more and more places, professional Lice treatment is now a much sought after service. Lice Treatment Center® has been reminding moms and dads to be the alert for these tenacious critters because one infested person can lead to a full family infestation of lice.

Super Lice

Getting Rid of Super Lice

In addition, one Connecticut mom called Lice Treatment Center® headquarters recently to ask about an article she read about “Super Lice”. The article, found in the Journal of Medical Entomology, discussed a new strain of head lice, dubbed “super lice” that are increasingly difficult to remove. These “super lice” don't seem to respond to any of the over-the-counter lice treatments currently on the market.” And although they are called “super lice”, they aren’t really “super lice” in the sense of being bigger or more dangerous than ordinary head lice. They are just head lice that have built up an immunity to traditional pyrethrin and permethrin-based lice treatment products sold in most pharmacies and salons. As the article explained, “…these super lice are spreading more quickly than health experts had initially feared.”

The study, conducted by John Clark, a professor of environmental toxicology and chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, looked at the genes of lice from 32 sites in the U.S. and Canada. Researchers found that 99.6% of those tested in 2007-09 were genetically resistant to the pyrethrin and permethrin based lice treatments currently on store shelves--the chemicals most frequently used to treat lice. The study goes on to say that “Super or not, there are ways to get rid of these creepy critters. For starters, there are a number of home remedies for lice that while time consuming - are more likely than their chemical counterparts to actually work.” The Lice Treatment Center® line of lice treatment and repellent products, are all-natural and non-toxic. They have been successfully field tested on over 200,000 LTC clients.

As the article stated, there are professional lice treatment services that will do the painstaking work for you. Lice Treatment Center® a national, in-home service is consistently praised for its efficacy can be reached at 1-888-LICE AWAY/1-888-542-3292.

How to get Rid of Head Lice

How I Got Rid of Head LiceAfter finding a lice infestation on one of her kids, my neighbor tried to deal with the problem herself by buying some traditional over-the-counter products. I wish I’d know what she was up to and I would have told her that many of the over-the-counter products are harsh, toxic and not very effective. [...]

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Lice Treatment Services

Do You Need Professional Lice Treatment Services?If you are like most parents when faced with a lice infestation you might first go to the to a drug store and buy an over-the-counter lice product that may or may not contain harsh and toxic ingredients and that is probably not very effective. However, more and more parents find the [...]

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How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Nit-Picking is the Key to Getting Rid of Head LiceOops. Your child has come home from camp or vacation with head lice! Soon you will discover how many of different head lice treatments are available. But, you may not be aware that the most effective treatment long-term depends on either finding a professional nitpicker or being a [...]

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Summer Camp Prep

What Do Lice Eggs or Nits Look Like? Both parents and kids look forward to summer camp. However, a summer at camp where kids spend lots of time in proximity to others can means getting exposed to head lice. And if your kid’s camp doesn’t screen campers for lice, it’s smart to make sure your camper knows [...]

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​Three Effective Head Lice Prevention Strategies

Is there a proven method of preventing head lice? Apparently, there isn’t any guaranteed method, but there are effective strategies to reduce the chances of having to deal with a head lice infestation.No matter where you go, you risk getting exposed to head lice if you are not careful. However, some places are more likely to expose your [...]

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Preventing Head Lice

Did you know that a head lice infestation is one of the most difficult problems you’ll face as a parent? I didn’t until it happened to me! Since then I read that in the United States, six to twelve million children get head lice each year. Yikes! So, I guess chances are at one time or another most [...]

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LTC Camp Lice Insurance™ Programs Ensure Lice Free Summers

Today we started planning for a busy summer running our Camp Lice Insurance™ program. LTC’s Lice Insurance™ programs provide camps with regularly scheduled, periodic head checks to make sure no one at the camp has head lice. Check sessions are usually scheduled for 3 or 4 head check sessions: opening day of camp, mid-Summer and prior to the end of the camp season [...]

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LTC Celebrates Another Successful Year Defeating Head Lice

So, our HQ staff had a great time on Monday, January 29th celebrating three LTC anniversaries with a group of our locally-based technicians.Our co-founders Liz Solovay, Dr. Elin Cohen and Adrian Picheny hosted a party to celebrate the founding of our highly-successful mobile in-home lice removal treatment service, the start of the Lice Insurance Program for Camps and Schools and [...]

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What Do Head Lice Look Like?

Head Lice Eggs or Nits Lice eggs are light-colored when first laid (yellowish or gray), but darken to a tan or coffee color as the embryo develop.Once the egg hatches, the shell of the nit will be yellowish-white to transparent and the empty shells remain attached to the hair shaft.They can easily be taken for dandruff, or even hair product residue. [...]

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