Natural Lice Treatment

Natural, non-toxic ingredients, Pediatrician-Developed Products

LTC’s own medical director and co-founder Dr. Elin Cohen scientifically developed our line of Jolis Cheveux™ by LTC products, because she felt more effective and safer products were needed to fight head lice, their nits (eggs), and young offspring (nymphs). She developed a natural lice treatment that was non-toxic.

What most people don’t realize is that many insect repellents and lice removal and treatment products sold today contain amounts of insecticide. Unfortunately, when someone applies one of the products, the inherent chemicals not only repel insects but also get partially absorbed into the skin. Many researchers have expressed concern that the products are harmful to children.

As a pediatrician and the mother of two children, Dr. Cohen was particularly sensitive to the importance of developing lice treatment and removal products that were effective but also had no potential side effects. The physician took special care to assure that Jolis Cheveux™ by LTC products were formulated using essential oils as active ingredients. When the products are applied in combination with our step-by-step removal protocol, they are an extremely effective alternative to other commonly used products that contain known insecticides.

Dr. Cohen worked on the Jolis Cheveux™ products, keeping in mind that parents need to move towards natural remedies for lice, and forego the toxic chemicals found in over-the-counter products. Recent news around America has confirmed that ‘super lice’ have now become immune to pesticides often used in over-the-counter products. LTC offers definite results in a situation where the alternative methods are failing. LTC follows the traditional method of nit-picking, in tandem with the modern yet natural means of lice products.