Lice Academy Certification Program

Become a Lice Technician!

lice-exam.jpgThe Lice Treatment Center® (LTC) Lice Academy Certification Program can provide you with all the skills you need to start your business in the lice removal industry.

Why the LTC Lice Academy Certification Program?

Completing our program will give you a distinct competitive advantage over others seeking to enter the lice treatment industry. The best, most respected lice removal companies employ only well-trained professionals. All Lice Treatment Center technicians must have completed the rigorous certification program at the LTC Lice Academy.  Lice Academy’s training program was designed by Dr. Elin Cohen, a specialist in the treatment and prevention of head lice and LTC current medical director.

Michelle Boehme, a graduate of the LTC Lice Academy Certification program recently wrote to us:  "I am so thankful for Lice Treatment Center if I can do anything to endorse the certificate program I would be happy to.The program has allowed me to become a serious competitor in the lice treatment field here in Texas!"

The next scheduled two-day comprehensive Lice Academy Certification Program in Monroe, Connecticut is on August 14-15, 2017 (Monday and Tuesday).  Sign up now or get more information.


Call: 888-542-3292 (888-LICE-AWAY)

Want to start your own Lice Treatment Center Franchise?

Our LTC Franchise opportunity may be for you! Training Certification at our Lice Academ is included in LTC’s Franchise package. Click here for more information!


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